Speed dating in reno nv

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Speed dating in reno nv

It also played alternative rock songs that did not fit the hot AC format such as Weezer's Troublemaker in the playlist despite being on the playlist of KRZQ-FM (now KRFN).When the pop/alternative format began to fade nationally, KLCA moved more toward a pure pop/hits approach leading to today's positioning statement: "#1 for Today's New Music." However, Mediabase moved KLCA to the contemporary hit radio panel, although still generally an adult top 40 (according to the Nielsen BDS reports) despite KWNZ & KWYL continuing the contemporary hit radio trend.His ideas must be effective, because he has met his goal and found a mate.Gosse heads American Singles, a nonprofit organization that publishes Possibilities—a newsprint quarterly devoted to dating events and advice, punctuated by ads for singles cruises and mail-order brides.“People seem to be appreciative that we’re offering it,” she said. But that would be nice, and maybe down the line we could look at other opportunities where partaking could happen on site.“But mostly they’re glad it’s a question they don’t have to ask.

They have dressed with care; lips glossed, hair sprayed and polite smiles hovering on their lips.

KLCA was also the fictional Los Angeles radio station featured at the beginning of the Robert Downey Jr. In 1998, the two stations swapped frequencies, which gave the station a broadcast antenna atop Slide Mountain and improved coverage to include the Lake Tahoe and Carson City areas.

Alice's growth was sluggish after moving to the 96.5 frequency as longtime Howard Stern fans in the Tahoe area were angry that they could no longer hear Stern on KRZQ's 100.9 frequency (with a tower on the valley floor).

The pop/alternative audience didn't gravitate to Cody's CHR stunts, and the station moved in a different direction in 1998 while transiting to the 96.5 frequency.

The station attracted fans with a playful attitude not typically heard on Hot AC radio at the time - including giving away a divorce on Independence Day (Reno is the divorce capital), conducting a displaced Bunny Ranch "working girls" job fair, hosting an Elaine Dance contest during the final episode of Seinfeld, looking for Nevada's best looking "Wookie" before the Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace premiere and bringing street side speed dating to Reno.

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Some hold notebooks on their laps, pens at the ready.

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