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While we have been taught that love transcends mere physical attraction, the subconscious role that olfaction plays in sustaining and supporting intimacy and love for our partners (and in fact all members of our families) is indisputable.

For these reasons, the olfactory system is our inner capacity to forge strong relationships.

Many women find themselves in an unfortunate predicament after several years of coupling with their partners.

The story often goes something like this: Countless hours spent searching for a mate finally leads to the appearance of a suitable "Mr.

And yet the emotional and physiological impact of this troubling side effect of hormone-based contraception has received very little attention.

Evidence shows that men are more highly attracted to ovulating women.This continues through our fertile lives and is perceived by others on an unconscious level.Olfaction is the least understood of our five senses, but it is perhaps the most profound when it comes to how the human brain evolved in concert with the natural world and for the benefit of sexual reproduction.The majority of the aromatic information that we receive from other humans is apprehended in this way.Evolutionary biologists had long hypothesized that humans pick mates by smelling them, but this was only proven in 1995 by biologist Claus Wedekind in a groundbreaking initial study while at the University of Bern.

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While the man may find some time when he is in the mood, the woman starts to sense a nagging suspicion that she may no longer be attracted to her mate. We each produce a chemical aura as unique as our fingerprints.

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