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In July 2014, Cappellini/Lanotte began working with Marina Zueva in Canton, Michigan, in addition to Mezzadri in Milan.The team took silver at the 2015 European Championships in Stockholm, behind France's Gabriella Papadakis / Guillaume Cizeron.Cappellini/Lanotte had a strong start in 2009–10, winning silver medals at the Cup of Russia and Skate America and qualifying for their first Grand Prix Final, where they finished fifth.They then placed sixth at the European Championships, and finished outside the top ten at their first Olympics.Cappellini/Lanotte won silver at the 2016 European Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia, finishing second to Papadakis/Cizeron.At the 2016 World Championships in Boston, they placed sixth in the short dance, fourth in the free, and fourth overall.But, unfortunately, there you can find not only love, but also get into the clutches of scammers.How to recognize the fraud on the Ukrainian dating website and what rules should be followed in order […]As with many other countries, to get to Ukraine you must first apply for a visa.

They then placed fourth at the 2013 World Championships in London, Ontario.

The duo finished sixth at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Cappellini/Lanotte ended their season at the 2014 World Championships in Saitama, Japan.

The procedure for issuing a Ukrainian visa for foreigners requires […]A special document, called a “certificate” (posvidka), is issued to foreigners or stateless persons to confirm their right to stay in Ukraine for a long time.

It would seem that obtaining such confirmation should not be difficult for a person who has all legitimate reasons for that.

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They capped off their season with a fourth-place finish at the 2015 World Championships in Shanghai.